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I can almost hear the wedding bells….tomorrow can’t come soon enough for Aubrey and Curtis! But it all began at, where else, work! Aubrey is a prosecutor with the Johnson County DA’s Office and Curtis is a criminal defense attorney. They first met when Curtis was filling in as a judge for the day and Aubrey was an intern in her last year of law school. She was later assigned to prosecute some cases that he was defending. Aubrey said, “Work-related email banter turned into flirting and then a phone number exchange, which turned into a first date.” That first date took place at La Bodega and they closed the restaurant down that evening because they couldn’t stop talking with one another. They then followed that up with about three years of dating before Curtis popped the question, and oh did he do good!

“We had just finished church and dinner with his parents on Christmas Eve and he suggested we drive around to look at Christmas lights while listening to Christmas music. We’d done the same thing the year before and he knew how much I’d loved it. Eventually, he started mentioning that his car was sounding funny and pulled to a stop at a dead end. It was freezing cold, pitch dark, and getting late on Christmas Eve, so I was worried and mildly annoyed that we might be stranded. He got out of the car and walked around to the front, and then asked me to grab the flashlight from his glove box and come hold it for him. When I got out of the car and shined the beam on him, he was on one knee, holding a ring box. I started squealing so loudly that I didn’t hear a word of what he said, and just remember crying and laughing as I said yes. Afterwards, I had him write down exactly what he’d said to me so I could cherish those words forever.” Welp…he pulled it off! What a Christmas to remember!!! I told you he did good.

Aubrey is most looking forward to sharing all of life’s ups and downs with her best friend and Curtis is looking forward to building a home and life together. Aubrey’s favorite thing about Curtis is his integrity and his favorite thing about her is her kindheartedness. That is so easy to understand if you have met the two of them even once. They immediately exude kindness and love for on another and it’s just inspiring.

As for the big day itself, they selected a song for their first dance that they are keeping a secret for now! So sneaky! It is a song by an artist that she loves and that she hadn’t heard until Curtis introduced her to it. They picked it together almost instantly because it fits them so well. They are both extremely excited about the slow-roasted pig (I mean who wouldn’t be?!?) as well as dancing under the stars! Aubrey said, “Seriously, having a roasted pig at a party has been a dream of mine ever since I read Little House on the Prairie as a kid.” Just making dreams come true over here at FAF!!! Curtis is geared up for the delicious food as well and he is also ready to enjoy the laid-back atmosphere out here.

These two just recently bought a house and adding that into the same season as their nuptials, they decided to do a quick getaway following their wedding and then plan an amazing trip to either Europe or Asia for their first anniversary. Aubrey’s happily ever after is a cozy home together, filled with family, friends, and good memories. His is sharing the rest of their lives with the family they build together. We wish all of this and more to these two love birds!

Cheers to Curtis and Aubrey!

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