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Little did Lauren and Chris know what the future would have in-store for them when they first met at that country concert awhile back. Lauren was born and raised in South Kansas City, Missouri while Chris was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa and raised in Liberty, Missouri. Home sweet home is in Trimble, Missouri now, where they are living and loving life. Well…life is about to get even more exciting once they tie the knot this weekend here at the farm!!!

These two are so ready to “do life together; the exciting, the mundane, the picture perfect, and the ugly”, Lauren said. Chris’s favorite thing about Lauren is, “her love for our family” and Lauren absolutely loves Chris’s passion for everything in life. As you can tell they are so sweet and so down to earth and are just beyond ready to enjoy this life they have together! This is even apparent in their proposal story….They headed down to Dora, Missouri to have a weekend getaway but Lauren had no clue as to what was going to happen. As they were floating down the White River, Chris subtly suggested that they pull off to have lunch on a large rock. That is when he made his move and proposed right then and there. I’m sure we all know by now what her answer was!!!

They will be heading out west on their honeymoon following the wedding. Almont and Breckenridge, Colorado will be there destination as newlyweds! I’m sure it is absolutely gorgeous out there this time of year! We here at the farm, wish them every bit of happiness the world has to offer!

Cheers to the almost Mr. and Mrs.!!!

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