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What are Zack and Erin most looking forward to about marriage? “Experiencing the adventure together, whatever that adventure may be.” Adventure is the PERFECT word for these two. They recently got back from a three week long trip traveling around Europe after their private elopement in Portugal. Tomorrow, they will be having a fabulous party here at the farm to celebrate that marriage with their closest family and friends!

Erin was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma while Zack was born in Jordan and raised, from the age of eight, in Shawnee, Kansas. But what brought these two together? Well, they were both stuck working nights during their residency training and ended up meeting. Thus began their two years of dating. They actually had their “accidental” first date at game 7 of the 2014 World Series. It was supposed to be a group of people but it ended up being just the two of them…hehe. So…they then of course had to plan their first official date which took place at The Rieger and they haven’t looked back since! As for how they took the step from dating to engaged, Zack reserved a private gondola for dinner on the Ferris wheel, Wiener Reisenrad, in Vienna, Austria during their first trip to Europe and that was that!

Erin said that it’s truly a tough call to pinpoint her favorite thing about her man but that she absolutely loves the fact that they laugh so often together. She also said that Zack is the calm to her storm. Zack said that his favorite thing about Erin is that he can have a blast with her traveling across the world as well as lounging on the couch, watching Netflix. These are just two peas in a pod and they can not wait for tomorrow to come! They are most excited about, “Having all our family and friends together for a larger than life backyard dinner party. We love the relaxed yet extravagant setting that the hills, lake, and barn provide.” This lovely weather we are having makes it even better out here!

‘January Wedding’ by The Avett Brothers is the special song that they selected for their first dance. They think Zack mentioned it first but they both knew it had to be an Avett Brothers song. They are one of their favorite bands (three time concert goers!) and one of the earliest things they discovered they had in common. Bonus….it has the word WEDDING in the title!!! Nailed it!

And their answer to “what is your ‘happily ever after’”…. “More of the same!!” Welp…here’s to more of the same!!! Congratulations you two!

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