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There was only about a week left in both Chris and Kelley’s subscriptions and Kelley decided to “wink” at Chris through the website with Chris soon-there-after messaging her back. They then decided to meet up at a bowling alley to find out if anything special was there. I think we are all aware that there was but how did it all happen is the real question! Chris actually thought he was being catfished because a different lady walked into the lobby as his phone notified him via text that Kelley had arrived. Good thing he didn’t turn around and leave though! Chris said, “Kelley greeted me with a big smile and beautiful hazel eyes.” These two didn’t bowl as much as they talked, they really hit it off. After finishing up a few games and catching some of the Royals game that was on, they decided to head out for a drink. Kelley: “I was shocked by how much of a gentleman he was and how rare that was in the dating world.” She knew she was hooked right from the beginning!

Their first official date was a dinner and a movie on The Plaza and kept that going for about 2 years. Then came March 29th, 2017…this was the very special day that Chris asked Kelley to marry him! He popped the question at her office with friends and family gathered around. Chris knew that she would be suspecting some kind of planned family dinner or event so he decided to really surprise her and do it where she wouldn’t be suspicious at all. So he did and he nailed it!

Now this little piece of information is just so precious….the ring he proposed with was a custom design by Chris that used a combination of his and her family diamonds that had been passed down. I know…right?!? #perfection Kelley remembers that day as her busiest day at work with a deadline approaching because it was the end of the month. She didn’t suspect a thing that day either, she figured he might be asking several weeks in the future but didn’t even think he had a ring yet. Well, he sure had her fooled! At about 2pm, her friend, Emily, asked if they should do some stairs which was very much in the norm because they would always try and get some extra steps in at work. Once they reached the top of the stairs, Emily ran off and left her a little confused. She then proceeded on without Emily and once she turned the corner, she spotted her man waiting in the conference room. As she walked in she realized her mom, stepdad and several of her close friends and coworkers were all there. That’s about when she figured it out but was so caught off guard she was speechless. Chris then proceeded to make his move and got down on one knee!!!

Kelley loves how Chris is the most selfless person she has ever met. “He puts everyone else before himself.” She also loves that he is a kid at heart which is what keeps the fun going. Chris said that there are so many qualities that he loves about Kelley that it’s hard to pick just one but that her patience and kindness towards life and their relationship is pretty special.

On a five hour road trip to another wedding, these two selected their first dance song which is one by Blake Shelton. They picked it because they both have a love for country music and he is their favorite artist. It was also their first concert that they attended together. Which song is it….which song is it??? ‘Honey Bee’ is the special song and that’s because it is about all of the different things that a couple can be for each other.

When not wedding planning, Kelley is a Sr. Cost Control Analyst for a construction firm and Chris is a nursing student working at Truman Medical as an ER Tech. But….they will be taking a break to celebrate their nuptials in Riviera Maya, Mexico!!!

“Our happily ever after is continuing to grow in our relationship together and filling our marriage with love and laughter. We also look forward to starting a family in the near future.” -Chris and Kelley

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