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“We met during one of Cameron’s deployments. His deployment had been extended and they made an unexpected stop in Kusadasi, Turkey. I was there on a last-minute vacation with family. Cameron tried to impress me with some horrendous dance moves…and we ended up going on our first date the next day.” -Rachel

Cameron and Rachel currently live in San Diego, California but that isn’t where they have always been! Cameron is from Salina, Kansas and his beautiful bride is from London, England. After that chance encounter that turned into a date, these two continued on dating long distance for two years. I should stress VERY long distance….3,856 miles to be exact!

As you probably guessed, Cameron is in the military. He is a United States Marine and Rachel is currently working on his base for Marine Corps Community Services. Now that they are in the same country, they get to take the next step in their relationship…saying I DO!!! Rachel said that she is most looking forward to Cameron doing the chores she doesn’t like once they are married…hehe. A girl after my own heart! 😊 I have no doubt she will have any problems with this because Cameron is just smitten. He absolutely loves the way Rachel can make him laugh. “She can always make me smile and is the brightest party of my day”, he said.

So, how oh how did the proposal happen?!? Tell us, tell us, tell us!!! Well, since you asked so nicely…Rachel was visiting Cameron in the states and he had planned a long weekend in Ashville, North Carolina for the two of them. They stayed in a gorgeous log cabin filled with antiques and a river running right outside their window. Cameron surprised her at the end of a sunset hike in the Blue Ridge Mountains where he popped the question.

What they are most excited about for their big day is having a gorgeous setting where they can bring their two families together. What about the first dance?! “Rachel decided on the song and I still don’t even know what it is”-Cam…“Probably because I haven’t decided yet”-Rachel… I guess it’ll be a surprise for everyone now! Well…their big day is quickly approaching, after which they will be jet setting to the Hawaiian island of Kauai for their honeymoon and we are just so excited for them!

“Our ‘happily ever after’ is a house full of Great Pyrenees puppies and maybe a few kids along the way.” Can we say family photo shoot at the barn?!? Here’s to all of the puppies and kiddos that you two could ever want!


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