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“We knew of each other in high school but probably said a total of five words to one another throughout those four years.” -Kate

It just goes to show that you never know when and where it will be when you first meet “the one” but have absolutely no clue about it at the time! It wasn’t until after Kate and Stefan finished college that the two (unknowingly) decided to visit a mutual friend in Omaha and ended up hitting it off. Their first date was grabbing drinks at what is now called Summit Grill on 75th street but it was The Remedy at the time. They then had four blissful years of dating to follow and not too long after they celebrated their four year anniversary that September, Stefan popped the question in October.

Photo By: Ashley Ice Photography

Stefan decided to plan his proposal around one of Kate’s favorite festive fall activities, which is the Irish Fest in Weston. She was working night shift at the time but wanted to go so badly so they planned on going one day after she got off work. Because of this, she had to get up a bit early and as you can assume she was a bit exhausted. That’s about the time that Stefan suggested they go get coffee at their favorite shop, Hi Hat in Fairway. Kate strolled in to grab their orders while her soon-to-be finance waited outside at a picnic table. He thought they should enjoy their coffee there before they headed to Weston because it was such a beautiful day outside. Kate happily agreed but was beginning to pick up on the fact that something was up based on the huge grin Stefan’s face was donning. Ohhhh I wonder….. 😊 She ended up calling him out on it and that’s when he put the box with the ring on the table and got down on one knee! #eek Filled with excitement and the big “YES” from Kate, the two took off to Weston and were greeted by their family and friends just in time to celebrate the big news!!! “It was perfection”, Kate said, and I can totally see why!

These two have been enjoying their engagement in their first home that they bought together about a year ago in Overland Park, Kansas. So many big life moments achieved this past year for them, and this Saturday we will be adding their marriage to that list!

Photo By: Ashley Ice Photography

Stefan was born and raised in Lansing, Kansas while Kate has lived multiple places, being an army brat and all. She actually lived in Lansing, Kansas when she was in pre-K and Kindergarten and the family moved back when she was in 6th grade so she has always considered that her home. They are busy, busy; let me tell ya! Stefan works in international logistics at the Scoular Company and Kate is a registered nurse on a medical telemetry floor at KU Med. With so much going on, they still managed to plan an amazing day for their family and friends….and themselves of course!!! When it comes to marriage, they are most looking forward to starting their own family and experiencing all of life’s ups and downs together.

Watching these two love birds together just makes you smile. They just adore each other! Kate said, “He is always striving to be a better person in every way. He never lets his ego get in the way of learning about other people and their views and is always open to adapting to those views if it means making him a better husband, son, brother, friend, etc.” Stefan’s favorite thing about Kate is that everything is effortless. “She is effortlessly caring, kind and beautiful. She is always herself, and she is easy to love.” #swoon

Photo By: Ashley Ice Photography

Here’s to the two of you and your future together!!!

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