In Couple's Spotlight

Justas and Shannon met on a farm where Shannon’s best friend lived and Justas was working. What makes it even sweeter is that they will be getting married on our farm this Saturday!!! In fact, they currently live in a barn on a farm. Talk about coming full circle! They said that they immediately fell in love with the rustic atmosphere of Fresh Air Farm and that being here made them feel right at home! While they both currently live in Gardner, Kansas, neither of them started their lives off there. Shannon grew up, not too far away, in Lenexa, Kansas. But, Justas is originally from Kelme, Lithuania! Now that’s a little more than a hop, skip and a jump!

A coffee shop at Johnson County Community College is where their first date took place and June 17th, the date of their nuptials, will mark 5 ½ years of dating! But, how did they take the plunge from just dating to being engaged? Justas, the sweetie he is, proposed while bringing Shannon breakfast in bed on her birthday! Sounds pretty perfect to me!!!

I asked them both what they are looking forward to the most about marriage and Shannon’s answer was, “Living the rest of my life with my best friend.” Justas said, “I can’t wait to build her a house with a white porch.” Shannon’s favorite thing about Justas is, “that he is always there when I need a shoulder to lean on” and Justas’s favorite thing about Shannon is, “the feeling I get when I’m with her, I feel so lucky”.

Well Justas is going to feel even luckier when he dances with his bride on their wedding day. For their first dance, Shannon decided on Chris Stapleton’s song ‘More of You’ because Chris Stapleton was the first country artist that Justas liked and the song is about falling in love and always wanting and needing each other more and more as time passes. #allthefeels

Following their big day, they will be kickin’ back and enjoying their honeymoon at Cocoa Beach Resort in Belize! Then comes their happily ever after which is, “to be able to wake up next to each other every day in our home on a farm.” There’s that FARM word again!!! Hehe…I had to! Cheers to the future newlyweds!!!!

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