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Drum roll please…this Saturday, June 10th, is the wedding day of Michelle Fisher and Mark Sylvester! Spring has sprung and the weather is looking sunny and gorgeous! Love is most definitely in the air! I can sense the excitement from these two every time we talk. Don’t take it from me though, take it from the bride herself……

“Ren McCormack taught us how to be Footloose, The Muppets took Manhattan, Alex Foley showed us the funny side of being a cop, Joan Wilder romanced the stone, nerds got revenge, corn fields were terrifying, “bright light! bright light!” and “never feed it after midnight” became our mantras, we waxed on and waxed off and thought we were ninjas, and Indiana Jones made us want to be archaeologists. The year was 1984. It was a time for adventure and simple pleasures. Roller skating on Friday nights and riding our bicycles during the day until we thought our legs would fall off. There was a dollar theater down the street from my house. There was a pool in my backyard. Van Halen, Prince, Springsteen, Cyndi Lauper, Quiet Riot and Thompson Twins were on the radio. We fell in love. Then came time for us to choose our paths. We wanted different things and went our separate ways for 30 years, every so often checking in and keeping tabs on each other’s lives. In 2013, we were both living in the same city and ready to explore this relationship we’d been dancing around since high school. The love was still there and it was so much better than we had imagined possible. We are excited to celebrate our big day with our friends and family at Fresh Air Farm!”


Such a cute story! It’s a true testament in that you never know how life will work out but you just have to be ready for it! They will be having family and friends coming from near and far, even from across the ocean, to help celebrate this special occasion. Now, let’s get this party started!!!

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