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The grounds are green and the trees and flowers are blooming beautifully here on the farm. Hello spring and hello wedding season!!! This Saturday, Amy and Jon will be joining together as one and we simply just can’t wait because these two are some of the sweetest people around, hands down! Amy is from Kearney, Nebraska, by way of Western Pennsylvania and Jon grew up in Ralston, Nebraska, just outside of Omaha. They are currently living in Kenesaw, Nebraska so they will be heading our way for their big day!

Their love story started when they met at a drag racing track in Kearney with mutual friends. Amy said that she had noticed Jon but just admired him from afar. Once Jon decided to ask her on a date for the first time, she thought he was joking…or just simply crazy…haha! She couldn’t believe it but she just took a deep breath and said yes and they haven’t looked back since!

These two had their first date at the Alley Rose in Kearney and dated from then on for six years before Jon popped the question. The day of the proposal, they had plans to go back to the Alley Rose because they always tried to go there for each year on their anniversary. Amy started to pick up on the fact that something might be in the works but it turns out that fate had conspired against Jon’s proposal plan so he had to think on his feet! Amy: “So, in the sweetest way, he asked if I wanted to go to dinner ENGAGED. Of course, my answer was YES!!!” Sometimes it’s those simple, unplanned moments that are the best and full of pure love!

Just by meeting with these two for a minute, you can feel the love between them. It’s something special! “Jon is the most caring and kind person I have ever known”, said Amy. Jon’s favorite thing about Amy is, “her beautiful eyes and that she puts up with my pestering.” Love it!!! #allthefeels

Amy spends her days doing one of the hardest jobs around, which is a stay at home mom to their beautiful daughter Lauryn. Jon owns his own business selling engines, generators, and pumps for industrial and irrigation applications. But…they will be taking a break from all of that to celebrate their marriage on their honeymoon. Get this…they will be taking a river cruise from Paris to Normandy and then will spend a few additional days in Germany. Now that is an exciting trip!!!

This Saturday they are most looking forward to, “the celebration with our family following the ceremony” and they are excited to be able to share their special day with those closest to their hearts. They will be swaying back and forth on the string lit patio to….actually it’s a secret! However, Amy did give us a little hint about the song she picked out for their first dance. Her favorite line to the song is “Cause I knew, the first day that I met you, I was never gonna let you, let you slip away”. Such a sweet sentiment! Amy said, “I first heard the song on the radio while driving and even though I had never heard it before, the lyrics spoke to me and reminded me of our relationship.” The anticipation!!!

Jon and Amy’s happily-ever-after is all about how excited they are to continue to build their lives together, seeing our love continue to grow, spending more time together as a family, and continuing their travel adventures.

Cheers to the two of you!!!

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