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Jake met the love of his life, Tiffany, while he was in his third year of dental school and she was in her fourth and final year. They are both now general dentists and Jake is also a commissioned officer in the United States Army. Tiffany is from Sugar Creek, Missouri but attended grade school and high school in Pratt Kansas. Jake was born in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in Lees Summit, Missouri. This weekend, Kansas City, will be welcoming them with open and loving arms so they can say “I Do”.

It’s been about four years since their first date, on April 26th, 2013. They were supposed to go to a Royals game together, but unfortunately, it got rained out. So…they ended up spending the evening in Lees Summit sampling wine, playing darts followed up by some more drinks. Let me tell ya…they didn’t let the rain get them down!

Tiffany said, “I love the way Jake balances me out! I am pessimistic, but his optimism brings me back to a more realistic outlook on things. I’m a spender and he is a budget savvy saver, which definitely helped when it came to saving for this wedding! Jake is very considerate and nice, everyone he meets enjoys that about him. It’s also great that he can do the small talk for me, since I’m an introvert. He really knows my feelings and can make me feel more secure or at ease in any situation.” It’s so important to find that partner in life and I would say that it’s safe to say Tiffany has found hers!

Jake had some amazing things to say about his love as well! “My favorite thing about Tiffany is her caring personality. She puts everything into whatever it is that she is doing. A lot of times, she puts others before herself and she does whatever she can to help others.” Sweet as pie!!

Now here it comes….the proposal…and it’s oh SO cute!!!

I just want to first get the picturesque setting in your mind…Wabakimi Falls on Smoothrock Lake. Google it! For real! It’s located in Canada and is so tranquil and gorgeous!! An absolute dream! Now…they were there for Tiffany’s family vacation and had spent the day fishing and had just finished up lunch on the shore of the water. The two love birds then decided to go on a short hike up the side of the falls to take some silly pictures. Tiffany was being funny and was acting like she was falling off the rocks into the falls for a picture and as she was laughing, Jake got down on one knee! “I have no idea what he said to me, all I could do was cry and call him a “turkey”. I’m still not sure I ever said yes, or if he even asked!” Hehehe! You Turkey!!! Gotta love it when the emotions take over!

Those emotions will be in full swing come this Saturday though! The song that they have chosen for their first dance is ‘Yours’ by Russell Dickerson. Jake heard it one day and thought that it related to the two of them and thought that it could be their special song. So…they listened to it together and decided that it fit them perfectly! The lyrics go like this; “I came to life when I first kissed you, The best me has his arms around you, You make me better than I was before, Thank God I’m yours, The worst me is just a long gone memory, You put a new heartbeat inside of me, You make me better than I was before, Thank God I’m yours.” Awwwww!!! #swoon

These two are most looking forward to having all of their friends and family join them for their special day at the barn. “Living out of town, we don’t get to see all of our loved ones as much as we like. We really appreciate all the support we have had from our family and friends in making it all come together and joining us for the wedding. Who’s ready to party?” They said it best!!! Who is ready to party?!?!

And where will they go for their honeymoon you might ask?…Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic! I’m envisioning beautiful beaches, a luscious tropical climate, and tons of water adventures for the two of them!

I had to ask Tiffany and Jake one last question. What are they MOST looking forward to about marriage? “We are looking forward to settling into marriage and sharing our exciting future together. Who knows where our careers and relationship will take us but it’s exciting to know that we will be together for it all. We also look forward to possibly starting a family at some point down the road.”

We wish them all of this and even more! Cheers to the future newlyweds!!!

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