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We have got such an amazing couple getting married here this Saturday and we just can’t contain our excitement for Rachel and Chris! Rachel has known our family for many years, all the way back to when she was in grade school. Can you believe that?! So, you can imagine how special this day is going to be for her and our family in the fact that she has such fond memories growing up on the farm. She said that they are so lucky to be able to have their special day take place at a barn that brings back so many memories. Well, they will definitely be adding one to the books being it’s their wedding and all! Having her celebrate here with us is so heartwarming and reaffirms what we have always been about, which is family!

After their first date at Yard House, followed by Dave & Busters and 3 years of dating, Chris planned out the perfect proposal and he executed it even better! He secretly talked to Rachel’s general manager and got her shifts for the weekend covered. However, Rachel didn’t find this out until the night before when Chris told her to pack her bags! He then whisked her away to the Hummingbird Inn in Branson, Missouri. How romantic! Now picture this..they are outside in the sprinkling rain (just enough to be movie worthy of course) next to a huge swing, with a beautiful sunset as their backdrop. Chris then got down on one knee and well…you know! I’m sure it was even more than she could have dreamed of!

While I know there are a million aspects about Rachel that Chris absolutely loves, the one thing that he loves the most is her affectionate nature and her amazing ambition. Rachel’s favorite thing about Chris is that he is so passionate at everything he does and strives to be number one. She said, “He cares so much and tries so hard to please me and our family. He hates to fight and will try hard to end it as soon as it starts. He thinks about his family first and puts his needs last. We are truly blessed by God’s plan to bring him and Jackson into our lives.”

Chris decided on their first dance song, which will be “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts. He said, “We’ve been friends for nine years and have seen and supported each other through some broken relationships. If it wasn’t for our past, we wouldn’t have our amazing boys. Our broken road made our family a whole.” How well put! Let me tell you, their two boys mean the world to them and it shows ten times over!

Now after the dancing, comes the relaxing! So…these two love birds will be heading off to the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico for their honeymoon following their nuptials!  They then look forward to spending the rest of their lives together and building a family. Their happily ever after is, “Moving our family into a new house, having more children, and raising them together and focusing our lives on our family. Oh and falling asleep in each other’s arms every night of course!”

Can it be Saturday yet or what?! Cheers to Chris and Rachel and their amazing future they have ahead of them! Now pass the champagne!


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