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Missouri and Kansas, always side by side. Well…so are these two love birds. Lauren, who is from Overland Park, Kansas, will be marrying her sweetheart, Paulie, who is reppin’ the Missouri side being from Northeast Kansas City, this Saturday at the farm. They are now cozied up in their home in North Kansas City, which they bought in 2014. Lauren said she let him win that battle and she has now been converted into a Missouri girl. That’s what we like to hear…hehe!

Lauren first met Paulie at La Bodega during one of the first weeks she started working there. One day when she showed up to line up, the chef brought out a giant cookie cake that he said was “gran mariner” flavored. Everyone began singing “Happy Birthday” to a guy in the corner with “the most beautiful blonde hair!” It was August 12th, 2012.

After working together, they quickly realized that they shared a love for good music. Their first date was at Crossroads KC to see one of Lauren’s favorite bands, Umphrey’s McGee. Nice move Paulie!

Then came the proposal. August of 2015 was when Paulie asked Lauren to marry him. The two took a short weekend getaway to Lauren’s Uncle’s cabin in Nebraska. They spent the weekend on the lake playing fetch with their dog and skipping rocks on the water. He popped the question on the beach with a handmade wooden ring box and she instantly said yes. Lauren said she may have even asked him if he was joking a few times because he completely surprised her!

While Lauren is in sales right now, Paulie is in the restaurant industry but his real passion lies in woodworking. You should see their guest book!! The two of them are so excited to see what comes of his new adventure in starting his company Pistachio Approved.

“The two of us make a really great team. We’ve already been living together, we know each other front to back and we get along perfectly, or at least we know the places we don’t get along…like the kitchen.”

Paulie and Lauren are looking forward to starting new adventures in their lives together as husband and wife. They said that they can’t wait to build up his company and see where that goes. But…their main thing is to travel more and worry less! Words to live by!!! Lauren’s favorite thing about Paulie is his willingness to put others first. “He will put himself out there for anyone at any time. I love seeing how courteous he is towards others. Even if he has had a long day at work and just wants to come home, he will wash dishes for an hour and half to help out the shorthanded kitchen staff before he leaves. Whether it’s work, his brothers or his friends, he will go the extra mile, always.” Paulie said his favorite thing about Lauren, and what attracted him the most to her, was her carefree attitude along with her drive to grow as an individual and a family. “She makes me want to be a better person and strive for my own goals. It’s a great thing when you can share the joy of PHISH concerts, traveling, our dog Pistachio and our family time all the while being happy doing it. I look forward to the life I get to live with her.” Stop!!! No keep going! How sweet are they!?!

As for their first dance, the song they selected is “Wanted” by Hunter Hays. Apparently the word on the street is that Paulie pretty much gets what he wants (hehe) so he picked the song and even though the two of them aren’t huge country music fans, they went with it because it is just too adorable.

The first time that they saw Fresh Air Farm was when they were driving out to visit Paulie’s cousin when she moved to the area. They decided to just pull up the drive to check it out briefly and they sat and stared for about five minutes. They said that right then and there was when they pretty much decided that it was their spot. Every time they drove out that way and passed the farm they would say “there she is” and dream of the day that they would tie the knot. Well guys….it’s finally happening!!!

One week after these two say “I Do” they will be on their way to Italy for ten days to celebrate their honeymoon! They will visit Florence, Rome, Sorrento and some side trips along the way. They are ready to indulge in pizza and wine! Can you blame them?!? Following this amazing trip, they will be focusing on their happily ever after, which consists of building a beautiful home on a bunch of land, maybe a kid or two and a few dogs running around. They also hope for a successful woodworking business. But…in all honesty, they both just want to come home every night after a long day doing what they love, to a place that they call home. “We want to live stress free and be passionate about what we do while living a healthy life and enjoying the fruits of our labor.” Their ultimate dream is to have a home that they build and just past the gardens behind it would be another building that contained a full woodworking shop, for Paulie, and a bakery, for Lauren so she could make treats all day and fill their house and others with goodies. Now…that is a great note to end on! There is nothing better than our dreams in life and starting it off right marrying the person you love. Cheers to Paulie and Lauren!!!


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