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Valentine’s Day of 2015 definitely took a turn for our lovely couple who will be getting married on the farm this weekend. Apparently our bride, Kelly, was being somewhat of a jerk about not being able to go out for the holiday. (keep in mind these are her words…not mine hehe 🙂 Who can blame her though, she had to work that day so she didn’t get to enjoy it with her love, John-Mark. Well, he took it in stride, even though he isn’t a huge fan of the actual holiday to begin with. He remained calm and kept telling Kelly that he loved her. While John-Mark didn’t intend to pop the question on Valentine’s Day, he made the bold decision to ask that day because he knew it would mean the world to Kelly. I mean, what better way to turn your day around than getting engaged right?! So, he made his move right then and there while making breakfast in their condo and now after 5 ½ years of dating they will be saying “I Do”!

But, before that unplanned and now unforgettable Valentine’s Day proposal, it all started back when they were in college. They originally met at a party and didn’t exactly hit it off right away. Kelly was apparently not that interested at the time. That’s okay…because about two weeks later, they got a second chance and it stuck! They both were at a game night at Kelly’s place and I guess you could say that Kelly’s interest was caught. Not too far after, they had their first date which took place at On The Border followed up by a movie. For being two broke college kids, it sounds like they had a great night!

Kelly’s favorite thing about John-Mark is his view on life and his faith. She said, “He is always certain that we will be okay no matter what and reminds me that we already have everything we need, which is love.” John-Mark’s favorite thing about Kelly is her ability to get along with anyone and start a conversation with anyone. He said, “Kelly always has a new friend that she wants me to meet and I’ve had the same friends since high school.” It seems like these two just keep each other going! Love it!

They both decided on their first dance song, which is going to be “Give in to Me” from the movie Country Strong. It was the first movie they saw together and they said, “The song is an accurate account of what it felt like in the beginning of our relationship. We just wanted each other to make the first jump but we were both too shy to.”

For the past two years Kelly and John-Mark have lived together, yes in that very same place that they enjoyed game night together all those years ago. They said that because of this they already feel like they are married but that they are looking forward to a lifelong marriage full of support and laughter, throughout everything that comes their way. However, they are very excited about purchasing their first home together and really creating a space that is truly all their own and they are beyond ready to celebrate at the barn with all of their friends and family!

Their happily ever after is, “Being with all of the people we love. We both think it’s important to have alone time but what really makes us spark is being with our loved ones and enjoying life’s simple pleasures with them.” Well, we will set this stage for this very thing come Saturday!!! Cheers to Kelly and John-Mark!


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