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Jessy, our blushing bride, come this Saturday, is originally from Owensville, Missouri and her soon-to-be husband Scott grew up in Bakersfield, California. These two met through the Army National Guard where Jessy worked as a combat medic and Scott as an aviation Master Sergeant. One day, Scott came into the clinic for a physical examination. Let’s just say… “It was love at first site on the EKG table.”

They ended up having their first date during annual training for the Army in Boise, Idaho. They decided to take a break from the bland Army food and went out to a nice dinner. I’m sure the alone time was much needed and the food probably a wonderful change. After dating for two years, they decided to take it one step further. After enjoying a lovely and romantic lunch of Little Smokies and Bud Light 😉 at their farmhouse, Scott proposed and that brings us to the present!

Scott is now a helicopter mechanic and Jessy is a catastrophe claims adjuster and they are spending their days in Dover, Missouri. Well…Jessy actually travels about 300 days a year for work. So much so that she jokes around by introducing Scott as her housekeeper/maintenance man. Hehe. With that being said, Scott is most excited to start being introduced as her husband once they tie the knot! Jessy is looking forward to no longer being an old maid. Gotta love these two! Clearly Jessy has a great sense of humor and that is actually what Scott loves the most about her while Jessy absolutely loves Scott’s kind heart.

These two obviously have a strong bond and I can’t wait to hear the song that they selected to dance to for their first dance as husband and wife! They said that they both agreed upon it together and that they love remakes of classic love songs. I wonder what it is?!?

While their wedding day is quickly approaching, for them it will be even more special to be able to have their whole family together. Their family is spread out all over the country and it is rare to have them all in one spot. Once the wedding festivities have concluded they will be off to Crete, Greece to spend their honeymoon!

Scott and Jessy’s happily ever after is “spending our lives together in our amazing home and watching our family grow”. What a beautiful image! Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. and we wish you two all the best in the world!!!


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