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Our bride this weekend, Staci Shute, was born in Southern California and raised in Las Vegas until she relocated to Kansas in December 2014. Our groom, Dayne Shelman, was born and raised in the small town of Eskridge, Kansas. They are now both living in Lawrence, Kansas and will be getting married tomorrow right here in Kansas City at Fresh Air Farm! Now, you might think they met in Kansas…but they actually met in the Las Vegas airport. They had a group of mutual friends who lived in Kansas and one weekend Dayne and their mutual friends took a trip to Vegas. Well…guess who picked the group up from the airport?! The group even stayed at Staci’s house and they all spent the weekend together.

When asked where their first date was, it was hard for them to say. But, their first “alone time” was over the 4th of July weekend in Hermosa Beach when Dayne came back to see Staci and they made a road trip to the beach. Keep in mind that they original met in May so clearly Dayne just couldn’t wait to see Staci again!

These two dated for a total of 4 years, 2 ½ of which was long distance. Now, for the proposal! They were on vacation in Vegas, it was actually their first time back to Vegas since Staci moved to Kansas. It was March 7th and they went on a hot air balloon ride…I guess you can stay the rest is history!

Staci’s favorite thing about Dayne is, “Dayne can make me laugh like no one else and he is such a gentleman. Both of these reasons are why I fell head over heels in love with him. He is my best friend and we just mesh so perfectly. He really is my dream guy and I cannot wait to spend forever with him.” Now, that seems hard to top! But…Dayne came through with some great stuff about Staci! Dayne said, “She can put a positive spin on anything and she makes the best out of any situation. Our personalities mesh (that’s right…he said mesh too!) and we can be ourselves together. I’m happy that Staci is the first person I see when I wake up and the last person I see before I fall asleep for the rest of our lives.” Love it!!!

Their first dance song choice was a mutual decision. They chose a song that “completely describes everything we went through while we were doing long-distance and how far we have come as couple.” But…you will just have to wait to hear this “perfect love song”!!!

Why the barn? If you ask me it’s the perfect fit for them! They said, “The farm has such character and the second we saw it, we were in love. We didn’t want a fancy wedding, but a place that represented us and somewhere we could celebrate our love with friends and family.” What happens after the big day? They will be heading off to the beautiful beaches of St. Lucia for their honeymoon and will be leaving June 1st!

Dayne and Staci’s happily ever after is being married, enjoying life together, traveling, and starting a family. They are looking forward to spending every day with their best friend and growing old together.

We wish you two all the best that life can bring!


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