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Bronson and Grace have chosen June 11th, 2016 as their big day and guess what?! It’s fast approaching and these two couldn’t be more excited…same goes with us! Grace is a Kansas City native but Bronson is from Maine and they have settled down in Gladstone, Missouri. Bronson is a Night Production Manager at the Seattle Fish Company and Grace is a hair stylist and makeup artist. But…they shall be setting work aside come this Saturday!

They first met at a mutual friend’s birthday party and then they followed that up with their first date which was going to a movie. After dating for two years Bronson decided to make his move! The two headed to Las Vegas for a little vacation. While they were there they decided to take a ride on the High Roller Ferris wheel and just as they reached the top of the 550’ structure, Bronson popped the question! I can just picture it now…floating above the sparkling lights of the city below!

While I’m sure there are countless reasons these two love each other…what’s number one?! Bronson said that he loves the fact that every time he sees her he becomes instantly happy and Grace said that he can make her laugh no matter what. I do have to say that each time I’ve been around these two, they have been grinning from ear to ear! It’s so easy to see how excited they are to be marrying one another. They said the one thing they are looking forward to the most about marriage is starting their own family and as for their happily ever after, they said it’s being each other’s best friend for the rest of their lives.

The two of them are looking forward to walking down the aisle outside on a beautiful day here at the farm with all of the people they love around them. Their first dance will be to ‘Amber’ by 311. Bronson actually brought it up while they were riding in the car one day, keep in mind that was prior to their engagement. He asked Grace if the song was too fast to dance to at their wedding…

Following their nuptials, they will be whisked away and off to Hawaii for their honeymoon! Sounds fantastic!

Happy wedding week you two!!!

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