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Before they had their first date at good ol’ Jimmy Johns (I mean who doesn’t love Jimmy Johns?!) our Wichita, Kansas native bride, Karin, met our Lenexa, Kansas native groom, Jake, at the Golden Wok Buffet in Manhattan, Kansas while they were both attending Kansas State University. After a little over 8 years of dating they are now about to make it official and become our first spring 2016 couple to be married on the farm! But first, we are going to travel back in time and find out exactly how the proposal went down.

In order to understand the proposal, you have to know more about how they met. We established that they met at the Golden Wok Buffet in Manhattan but we haven’t gotten to the details yet! Picture this…it was Halloween night and they each decided that they needed some Chinese food so they headed out to satisfy that craving with their roommates. As Jake tells it, Karin kept checking him out while she was picking out her selections from the buffet. But, if you ask Karin, she says she was solely focused on his attire which consisted of a Dave Chappelle t-shirt, South Park pajama pants, and bright orange flip flops. Yea Jake, she was checking you out alright…hehe. I can see that combo being pretty memorable! So, as their dining experience went on, Jake’s roommate kept tried to get Jake to go and talk to Karin. Jake assured him he would only do it if he got “a sign”… Well, sure enough, when the fortune cookies arrived, Jake read his and it said (no joke) “The evening promises romantic interests”! So, Jake then preceded to lean over in his booth and say to Karin, “Excuse me miss, do you believe in destiny?”. Priceless!

After some quick conversation Jake wrote his phone number on the back of his fortune and gave it to Karin and then invited her and her roommate, Jennie, to a party that he and his roommate, Johnny, were throwing at their house. As Karin and Jennie left the restaurant, Jennie stopped at Jakes’ table and gave him her fortune with Karin’s number written on the back of it and said “She’s too shy to call you, you should call her”. They then went to the party and ended up going on their first date the next day!

You may or may not be able to tell where this love story is heading but….when it came time for Jake to propose, he chose a random Tuesday night in March 2015 and asked Karin if she wanted to have a date night and that he was in the mood for some Chinese food. Anyone who knows Karin knows she loves her some Chinese food, so she happily agreed without batting an eye. When Karin got home from work the kitchen looked like it had exploded with every cooking utensil and pan that they owned. Jake had taken the afternoon off and had made quite the feast. There was beef and broccoli, Chinese style spare ribs, potstickers, crab rangoon, and seasoned vegetables. I know…I’m hungry now too! What a menu (20 points for Jake right off the bat)! The weather outside that night was so incredibly nice that Karin asked if they could eat out on the deck, inadvertently ruining the perfect Go Pro shot of the whole event. But, I mean, how was she supposed to know right?! Jake didn’t want to ruin the surprise so he agreed and smoothly moved everything outside, including the Go Pro. Karin poured them each some Sake and then promptly sat in the wrong seat (opps!). When they had each finished eating, Jake said “Darn, I forgot the fortune cookies. Let me see if I have any extras in my work bag from lunch the other day”. So, after rummaging around inside for a bit, he came back outside with a tray of homemade fortune cookies! Karin was shocked and asked many questions about how he had made them. “Was it hard to do?”, “How long did it take”, etc. Now, they have a rule where you have to eat your entire cookie before you get to read the fortune. So, Jake had to suffer in silence while he watched Karin enjoy and comment on her cookie for a good 10-15 minutes while her VERY IMPORTANT fortune sat upside down on the table in front her. Once Karin was done analyzing and commenting the nuances of the flavors of the cookie she asked, “So did you put different fortunes in each one?” and “What does yours say?”. Jake, of course, was stunned so he just said “It probably says the same thing yours says, I didn’t know which one you would choose”. Karin turned hers over and it said “Do you believe in destiny?”. Karin quickly looked up and in that instant Jake was in front of her on one knee next to the table. Karin’s eyes began to water and she was so taken back that she said “What are you doing?!” and then Jake responded with “Karin Moser, will you spend the rest of your life with me?”. And….I’m sure you know by now that she said YES!

These two fun loving, future Mr. and Mrs. are going to have their first dance to “A Thousand Years-Part 2” by Christina Perri. Karin says she decided on this particular song because when she first met Jake she had no reservations and it was like they were meant to be. She said it was like she was biding her time for him to arrive and now after all those years of dating, they are finally going to make it official. Karin loves Jakes need to try new things and to never do the same thing the same way twice and Jake loves that Karin is a rule follower, even if it is a little infuriating at times. Karin is looking forward to enjoying their big day in the relaxed atmosphere of the farm on a perfect spring evening while Jake is most excited about greeting their friends and family around the bonfire. BUT, they are both super excited for the amazing fireworks display that will follow dinner! That’s right FIREWORKS!

To Karin and Jake their “happily ever after” is “spending the rest of our lives together, working out problems and taking on challenges together as a team and raising a family”. But, first they will start off their new life together with a seven day cruise to Cozumel, Belize, Mahogany Bay, and Costa Maya!

So, I guess it’s safe to say that we are kicking off our spring season with a bang with this amazing couple…literally!


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