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Courtney Kindsfather and Kyle Forsythe first met at work. After working at the company for only two weeks, Kyle bravely walked right up to Courtney and boldly asked her on a date….in front of fellow employees…..and Courtney’s dad! Clearly Courtney was impressed so how could she turn him down, right!? Kyle was actually so shocked that she said yes that he ran off without giving her his number or anyway to contact him! He eventually came back and gave her his number though, so it all worked out…he just needed a minute for a victory lap haha. They ended up going to see Wade Bowen at the Granada in Lawrence, Kansas. Little did Kyle know that this city girl LOVES county! Their first date went even better than either of them had planned; “great food was eaten, amazing music was enjoyed, and deep conversations about life had already begun”.

This dynamic duo, Courtney who is a Civil Engineer and Kyle who is a Surveyor, have taken up roots here in Kansas City. But neither of them grew up too far away. Kyle is originally from Kidder, Missouri, which is a small town outside of Cameron and Courtney is from Blue Springs. And now…they have found their way to us and we are so excited!

After about a year and a half of dating, Kyle decided it was time to propose! The two love birds headed out to the Missouri State Far because they both had such fond memories of the place as children. After they spent the day together at the fair, they headed back home and Kyle suggested that they take their dog, Meredith, on a walk. Keep in mind that Kyle has now been carrying the ring in his pocket ALL day! He really is brave! They walked to the Longview Mansion, which was nearby their apartment and a favorite place to walk to. Courtney was too busy enjoying the beautiful scenery and the sunset to catch Kyle’s subtle hints. Kyle kept suggesting that they go check out the gazebo on the grounds but Courtney had no idea why so finally she said, “Ok, let’s go.” Once they got there, Courtney checked out the place real quick and then turned around to leave. Kyle said, “How much do you love me?” and as Courtney turned back to tell him he was down on one knee with the ring and the dog in tow. After saying adorably-cute things she of course said yes!!!

Courtney said that her favorite thing about Kyle is that “he is so caring and loving and has such a big heart”. Kyle said what he loves the most about Courtney is “how loving and sweet she is and that she takes such good care of me”.

“The Way She Loves Me” by Cody Johnson is the song that they will have their first dance to. When Courtney first played the song for Kyle, “he immediately knew it was going to be their first dance”. When you know, you know!

The two are looking forward to getting married at the farm because; “We just love the overall atmosphere of the whole place. It’s so beautiful and magical, especially when the leaves have changed.”

“Spending our lives together” is what Kyle and Courtney’s happily ever after is. They are also looking forward to having many adventures as a couple and it’s all going to start right here, this Saturday! Next stop….Ireland!

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